I'm here to support you

I will see you through to achieving your most productive and valuable dreams
I will guide you as you hold yourself accountable to your mission
I'll support your abilities to grow your following
I will ask the right questions to help you thoroughly understand your challanges and opportunities
I will connect you to customers and make you sales
And I'll make you look better than your competitors thought you could look
If you're here to change the world

Jordan Epstein is an "isness" coach, entrepreneur, aspiring MC, sometimes actor, yogi learner scientist dude in Los Angeles, CA – a place he finds quite suitable to launch his adventures. Jordan loves things that keep him inspired. Little things, big things. Beautiful things. Awful things (but hey, let's try to do less of them, ok?). Oh, and he wanted to give a shout out to the breath, saying "where would we be without it?"


  •   Psychology - University of Delaware (BA) - 2005
  •   Raja (8 Limbed) Yoga - Himalayan Institute - 2007
  •   Entrepreneurship - GoodCompany Ventures - 2009 
  •   Sales + Marketing - Self Trained/Hard Knocks - 4eva
  •   Empowered Coaching - Recovery Innovations - 2014 

Past Projects: United Way Project Next, Martin Luther King Day of Service, Save our Beach, VolunteerBIG, State of Delaware Office of Volunteerism

 photo courtesy  alessandra nicole  photography

photo courtesy alessandra nicole photography