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Let (it) Go.

 Photo by Chelsea Badeau

Photo by Chelsea Badeau

So, You're learning to let go.

Me too! 

Something's poopy in your life, and you're pretty sick of having to deal with it every day.  You have a lot of pretty badass ish going on, but then there's this stupid, pestering obstacle.

And so you're talking trash...feeling good for a second....but that doesn't feel right, you know this obstacle has value- it may have already served it's purpose, or it may yet be the right thing for you - just the wrong time.

And so at this moment, you've got this awesome - let's call it a crystal chandelier - the one that you envision will one day be the central piece of the home that you build for the purpose of highlighting the way it throws light around a room- so you bought this amazing crystal chandelier - but it's like, 3 feet longer than the ceilings are high in your current apartment - so it's right in the way in the center of your living room floor... thing is ridiculous, but you knew it was perfect when you saw it, had to buy it.

So, what are you gonna do?  Maybe you can put it in the closet?  Ha... like there's room in the closets, right next to the bath towels.

What about your storage space?  

Wait, wait....what?  You don't have storage space? YOU DON'T HAVE STORAGE SPACE?  What kind of American are you?  

So, you haven't succumbed yet... it's like, $69 a month, and you may be moving sometime soon...and most importantly - if you were to get the storage space just to hold the chandelier so that you could maybe one day build that dream home... that would be like, living too much in the future.  Have to be happy now, plus, we already have way too much ish, it's 2015, and we need to simplify.

Ok, so you're against a storage space based on principle.  Good for you.   

So what the fudge do you do with the fudgling chandelier?

For me, it's hard for me to let go when I always think about my own future home, my own future life...but it gets easier when I picture someone else being happy because of the decision I made.

So, what if you give it to someone that can use it - just to see how happy it makes them?

Maybe they can put it to use - and it can do it's job and shine light on the faces of those who appreciate it.  That sounds like a pretty picture.  Lot prettier than the crumpled masterpiece of a chandelier, not living up to its potential.

Letting go is hard, and so it's good to have healthy pursuits and good friends to help us move forward.  

Anyhow, enough of the sappy- you got any old chandeliers laying around that can go to a good home?  

Rockstar Elsa says you'll feel a lot more swaggy once you let it go.